The Editorial Process

I have not added any new material to my blog for some time now. Hence, an explanation is in order.

I have completed my second book, Hidden in Plain Sight. Now I am deep into the editing process. For me, this involves reading the book over and over again, hoping to find all the mistakes of grammar and punctuation. Then there is all the polishing of the book’s presentation, the formatting, and the rewriting. Sometimes I find areas where the argumentation is poor, and I have to look for additional material to flesh out that section. And all the while, I come across material that needs to be added.

This is a long and arduous process. If I were a more popular author, much of this would be done for me. Unfortunately, in most cases that requires the author to sign away the rights to their work, something I refuse to do. And so I either have to do the work myself, or pay someone exorbitant amounts of money to do the work. If I hired a professional, I’m sure it would take less time, but I’d be around $1,500 poorer. And so I do the work myself.

Book Cover for Hidden in Plain Sight

3 thoughts on “The Editorial Process

  1. Congratulations on your book. I love the fact that you are endeavoring to explain the richness of the apocryphal materials to Christians who’ve not been exposed to them.

    However, I must admit that, as a Mary scholar, when I first came upon your blog title I was excited, but having read all posts here find little about Mary.

    I am writing about Old Testament foreshadowing to the Gospel narratives of Mary and about her continued narrative in the Apocryphal New Testament and beyond. Do you know of other bloggers I might consider?

    With thanks for the work you do,

    Daniel Shaw

    • Most of my posts about Mary will be found in 2013 through April of 2014. I have a few scattered here and there since then, but I’m primarily posting working material for my next project. When I come across new information about Mary, I post it here, as well as updating the text of my next edition. If you use the search feature, you can search on the Virgin Mary and find all sorts of information. I look forward to having fruitful discussions with you. Thanks.

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